Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Better Late Than Never - Catching Up on Duke Lacrosse

By Mitchell

While we wait for the next chapter in the Duke lacrosse scandal to unfold (and since the prosecutor won his primary election, we can expect that this will continue), here are two quick takes on the story that I've been meaning to get to for the last week.

First, Herb Ely puts up an excellent post on how the NCAA always seems to be blindsided by things like this. Could it be because they're so preoccupied by such weighty matters as the use of "Native American" mascots? As he says, "the NCAA strains out gnats and swallows camels." I particularly loved a quote from one of Herb's friends that “when they got to the bottom of Watergate they’ll find a college basketball coach.” As a fan of both sports and politics I can identify with that 100%

Hadleyblogger Bobby also wonders if there's something amiss here - if there's a relationship between the investigation of this scandal and the crusade for gender equality in college sports:

The status of the political correctness in our society with the rights of males to play sports or participate in extracurricular activities is irrevalent; men are banned from many activities because of Title IX requirements. We have had a school system favouring females for over 30 years, and Jessica Gavora's Tilting the Playing Field should be required reading in this situation.

With this woman's track record with crime, it's no wonder she can get away with even a false charge to force Duke to can men from sports. If this goes to its logical conclusion with the woman's request to ban men from sports, would Duke eventually can its football program and leave the ACC, and even demolish Wallace Wade Stadium, which was the site of the 1942 Rose Bowl?

Bobby agrees that time will tell as to whether or not the charges are true. But, he adds, "She had the [season] cancelled, and if the politically correct attitudes of the school hold true, they won't bring the team back because it violates Title IX mandates that women have more teams than men."

Remember when the winning and losing in sports was confined to the playing field?

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