Friday, May 12, 2006

Finally, It Can Be Told

By Mitchell

Over at WDTPRS, Fr. Zuhlsdorf reveals the name of the new pastor at St. Agnes - as had been rumored, it is Fr. John Ubel. Fr. Z has nothing but praise for Fr. Ubel, and that is high praise indeed. People reading Fr. Z, who is a straight shooter if ever there was one, should feel much relieved about the whole thing. He also sheds some additional light on the events that have transpired. I'll allow myself a pat on the back to suggest that it's pretty much as I had said the last few days, but in reality I think anyone in touch with the whole situation would have come to the same conclusion.

Hat tip to fellow Minnesotan The Roamin' Roman, who also has excellent words about the whole situation. (via Ray from our partner site, Stella Borealis)

More to come, I imagine.

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