Friday, May 26, 2006

The Greatest Spectacle in Racing

By Mitchell

For those of us of a certain age, Memorial Day meant (among other things) the Indianapolis 500, the one auto race that even non-sports fans were aware of. Before Memorial Day itself became one of those Monday holidays, the race was run on May 31, regardless of what day of the week it was (except if it was Sunday, in which case the race was held on Saturday), a surprise that often popped out at us from the middle of the week. Now, ironically, the race is run only on Sunday (unless there's rain), making of it something more like a regular sporting event and less like somthing special.

For that reason and for others (having to do mostly with racing politics too complex to get into here), the race has lost more than a little of its lustre. But there's still something magic about the Brickyard, and for those of you who still look forward to the Greatest Spectacle in Racing, or for those looking to harken back to the days when it still was, check out this wonderful Indy 500 website that I keep in my Favorites list. Make sure you've got ample time to really dig into this treasure chest of information, and enjoy!

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