Saturday, August 19, 2006

Heeeere's Our Word

By Judith

Welcome to the new - and we hope - improved Our Word. The colors are the same, but the general look of the site is a bit cleaner and neater we think.

And along with a new look is a slightly new attitude. It's been said that the two things you don't discuss in polite society are politics and religion. Well, we'll still discuss them, but we're not going to fight about them. Life is too short and we just have other things we want to accomplish.

We'll be concentrating on the arts, culture, humor and other things that catch our fancy - all with a perspective that is informed by our faith and beliefs. We'll also be welcoming more frequent guest-post-ers, such as Bobby & Steve (no, not the Twin Cities gas station guys) whom you've already met, and Drew, who will be joining us shortly. And, probably some surprise guests.

Your comments are welcome as always, but if anything gets nasty, we reserve the right to delete your comments. If you'd like to contact us, email us at hadleyblog - at- yahoo - dot - com. Again, your comments may be posted, but we'll always give you credit.

Welcome, we hope to see you often at Our Word and Welcome To It.


  1. Nice new look! So you get mean spirited comments as well? What to do? I must learn not to react.

  2. Yay! I'm pretty much intimidated by all that opera! I love classical music, but like with all music, I don't know much more about it than maybe the author and title. Popular music, I don't even know that.

    But history and politics. Now you're on my turf. I'm going to have to push Our Word closer to the top of my BlogRoll.

    I think you might want do do something about the color of the links, though Judith. They are pretty close to the background blue and somewhat difficult to read without brushing my geezer nose against the glass. Just make them a bit lighter in that same blue.


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