Tuesday, November 7, 2006

What the Left Means in "New Directions"

By Bobby

Liberals are losing the momentum despite their "new directions" strategy. With the big conservative momentum and slingshot, is this slingshot of the Saddam conviction, good economic numbers, and huge push enough to put us over the top and keep Dennis Hastert & Company in control of the tax policies, and us in control of the judiciary?

Think of the Left's "New Direction" which will kill investors and the market:

  • New Direction: More judges who will overthrow the US Constitution and replace it with unratified treaties from the United Nations and adopt European law to overturn our Constitution.
  • New Direction: Same-sex "marriage" legalised.
  • New Direction: Secular humanism as the Official State Religion. There will be some alternative religions allowed, but anything based on Christianity will be banned.
  • New Direction: Banning of conservative talk radio from airwaves by speech codes. ("Fairness Doctrine") The codes would also ban religious speech on airwaves.
  • New Direction: Homosexual Special Protections to protect child molesters, banning of laws to protect children.
  • New Direction: Higher taxes and the elimination of the Investor Class by punishing investors with higher taxes, including the elimination of the Extended Term Capital Gains Tax Rate.
  • New Direction: Books revised to promote a Communist angle.
  • New Direction: Congress is meaningless because of the judicial activists in court who will write our laws.
  • New Direction: Terrorists to win control of Iraq, and Iran takes over.
  • New Direction: We lose all wars and we retreat everywhere. Military will be weakened to a "peace" making Peace Corps or AmeriCorps.
  • New Direction: Taiwan to be pigeonholed.
  • New Direction: Ban on research, except for those which will kill people. The research ban will include elimination of tax breaks for major firms to perform huge research on new sources of energy, oil, and a way to turn ANWR into a "monument" so that terrorists and dictators will control oil fields, and we can't be reliant on our own energy.
  • New Direction: The opportunity of new inventions will be gone thanks to liberals' attack on the American Corporation.
  • New Direction: Foreign takeovers in business, research, and our laws.

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