Wednesday, February 14, 2007

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By Steve

Gore Demands Computer Ballots for Oscar Voting
“I Won’t Be Robbed Again,” Sez Al

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Former Vice President Al Gore kicked off his campaign for his Oscar-nominated movie today with a demand that the Academy use electronic ballots to avoid a repeat of the 2000 Florida paper-ballot fiasco that many say cost Gore the White House.

(Left) Former Vice President Al Gore has tasted success before, but now he’s after the big prize: the Academy Award.

"We were sadly disappointed when the presidency was literally taken away from us in 2000 because of some hanging chads," said Gore in a National Press Club appearance yesterday. "We're not going through that again. The American people just won't stand for it."

An Inconvenient Truth, Gore's film on the perils of global warming, has been nominated for two Oscars, one for best documentary feature and one for best original song. The awards will be announced on the nationally-televised ceremony on February 25th.

"I realize this may be an unusual request," said Gore, responding to a question about his demand that paper ballots not be allowed. "But we've seen what can happen. I'm not accusing anyone, but if the Supreme Court of the United States can be hijacked, who's to say what can happen to an anonymous group of Academy voters. I don't think we can be too careful."

Gore also announced that he has made arrangements for a team of officials from the Carter Center in Atlanta to arrive in Hollywood next week to monitor the voting.

In a related development, Gore refused to confirm or deny the rumor that he will attend the Academy Awards personally and will actually sing the nominated song in a large-scale production number during the telecast. "I don't want to spoil any surprises," Gore commented.

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  1. Here's to hoping he sings with Snow White and not Melissa Etheridge.


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