Monday, March 19, 2007

Happy Birthday, Number 6

By Mitchell

It's the 79th birthday today of Patrick McGoohan, star of one of the greatest TV series of all time, The Prisoner. We really should spend time talking about this someday, this allegorical series that more than any other demonstrates the glory of the human individual against all efforts of "the system," whatever that might happen to represent. It should come as no surprise that McGoohan and the series have been longtime favorites of ours.

But in the meantime, suffice it to say that, without any previous knowledge of the significance of this date, we spent this evening's DVD Theatre watching the 17th and final episode of The Prisoner (plus some assorted bonus features), bringing to an end our most recent Monday night tradition. Imagine our surprise then, upon looking up some minute detail of the series, to discover that it was McGoohan's birthday. Conspiracy aficionados would want to make something of it. We prefer to think of it as kismet.

At any rate, many happy returns (coincidentally, the title of episode number 7 of the series, which is also one number more than six) to a terrific actor whose work - Ice Station Zebra, Bravehart, three memorable appearances on Columbo, and many others - should be constantly appreciated. If you've not seen him lately, check him out here, and appreciate him in his own time.


  1. he is indeed one of the finest actors we still have and both him and "The Prisoner" is one definitely an all time favorite of many. Happy Birthday Mcgoohan!

  2. An office co-worker and I like to discuss and debate the current TV show, "Lost" with "The Prisoner" I think we both prefer "The Prisoner", it's more claustraphobic

    Happy Birthday, Mr. McGoohan.

  3. "The Prisoner" was one of the coolest TV shows ever!

    Indeed, Happy Birthday to Mr McGoohan!



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