Friday, April 20, 2007

Supreme Court Victory

By Bobby

It is finally pleasing to see that the United States Supreme Court, which has long tilted towards allowing foreign countries to overrule the United States when it comes to lawmaking (and metaphorically, make Bruxelles, Belgique our nation's capital), has been put down to its pieces by this week's 5-4 ruling declaring legal a federal law making a crime an act where a baby in the process of being born in breach (feet comes first through the birthcanal) is then decapitated before the head appears.

It is the first time since the gruesome and tragic day of January 22, 1973 (a day where in Jamaica that night, Howard Cosell called "Down goes Frazier!" in the Foreman-Frazier fight) that the United States Supreme Court has restored sanity to this battle in favor of life.

After over 34 years, it is a scene to see sanity has been partially restored by prohibiting the practice of infanticide which had been declared legal by courts using "invented lawmaking" which has created the "constitutional right to an abortion," and "constitutional right to sodomy," both of which declared legal by a "right to privacy" to invent these rights.

The "right to privacy" not only has created incentives to do immoral acts, even criminals have taken advantage of this. Over the Christmas week, a criminal went to our shop and paid for a computer repair bill with a forged check, looking perfectly legitimate, with someone else's name and address, and phone number on the front, and a second victim's Community Resource Bank (AMEX: SCB) account number on the check, with the bank's former name written on the check and base city misspelled, and a different bank's code numbers on the top, and topped it off with a false driver's license. The check initially cleared the bank, but two months later, after the victim of the check fraud reported the incident, the check was returned unpaid. I contacted authorities and they could not continue the investigation because the officer noted the right to privacy made it impossible to trace the phone number of the criminal.

Considering the costs of "right to privacy," and who pays for the criminal acts which are being permitted, it is a blessing finally to see the United States Supreme Court return to some form of sanity by banning this gruesome form of infanticide.

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  1. Bobby,

    I knew that 1/22/73 was also the day LBJ died, but I had no idea it was also the day of the Foreman-Frazier fight. (Just goes to show what you remember, I guess - I remember that fight well, but paid little attention to the rest until much later.) What a day in history that was.



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