Thursday, May 10, 2007

So I Went to the Symphony the Other Night and a Hockey Game Broke Out...

By Drew

Fight Breaks Out at Boston Pops Concert

I don't think I could add anything more. Except...

Steve, are you sure you didn't write this?

UPDATE: Of course, this isn't exactly unprecedented. However, in the past the riot had to do more with the music, which somehow we don't think was the point of the one in Boston last night...


  1. Mitchell must have been really upset that they did not play the Theme from Star Wars. Mitchell, you should be ashamed of your behavior. I thought you were all about manners.

    You have to watch out for those seemingly calm guys who collect T.V. Guide, you never can tell when they might "go off"


  2. This is the type of fight I'd expect to see with angry rock music. Considering the guest artist is Ben Folds, I'd wonder what the discussion leading to the fight was.

  3. What can I say? I told that woman not to use that ringtone...


  4. I'd just like to point out that this little blond nerd who is loving the media right now and claiming that he's going to press charges actually can't. I would know. I know the guy who won't step forward and jump on the "look at me!" attention wagon. The guy and the girl whispered twice. He makes it sound like they were having a full on convo. Anyways he was two rows behind the guy I know and he "politely tapped" the guy on the shoulder with his brochure. Let's get serious. It's not that polite when it's coming from two rows behind and clearly the bleach blond in this kids hair messed up something in his brain because he hit the guy in the neck, not on the shoulder. I guess he was confused. But anyone can agree that's annoying. So yeah the guy I knew told him he would toss him over the balcony if he did it again. The blond scrawny kid was trying to be macho in front of his girlfriend and went and told an usher. As it has been stated numerous times in the news interviews. But it's funny. I have yet to come across one where he informs the world how he got the guys attention ... hmmm I wonder why. Well like any two year old would do he came back and he flicked the guy I know in the ear to get his attention to let him know that someone is coming to take care of the situation. Yeah, flicked him in the ear. Obviously this guy is retarded. The scrawny kid hit the guy I know first. So honestly, this twig is going to file charges. What is his story going to be. Yeah I instigated this muscley 44 year-old to prove to my girlfriend how cool I was. And on top of it I threw the first punch. And one last thing. All the media stations can interview whoever the hell they want. But has anyone interviewed the people in that balcony besides blondie? If they did, they'd find it strange that the "victim" in all of this was kicked out of the theatre while the guy I know left voluntarily. On top of it, the guy I know was refunded his money because all the people in the balcony said that the other kid instigated it all and that he started the whole thing. Funny how this whole thing looks when you get the other side of the story ...

  5. Well, that's very interesting, Anon. Thanks for the additional perspective!


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