Wednesday, May 16, 2007

This Just In

By Steve

"Makeover" Star Issues “Apology” for Bad Behavior
Pennington Tells Fans, “You Don’t Pick on My Faults, I Won’t Pick On Yours.”

HOLLYWOOD, CA – The star of the popular TV reality series “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition," issued a strongly worded “apology” to his fans following his arrest on suspicion of being under the influence of alcohol while driving.

“I screwed up, I’m sorry - get over it,” said Ty Pennington, who was arrested early last Saturday morning in Los Angeles. “Like none of you have ever done something wrong. Yeah, right.”

He went on, “Despite what I’m accused of having done Friday night, I’m still better than 95% of you out there, and more talented than all of you.”

Pennington, who rose to TV popularity as host of the cable show "Trading Spaces,” acknowledged he shouldn't have been drinking and driving, but was clearly irritated by what he called the "hypocrisy" of his fans.

“I suppose none of you have ever done anything to embarrass me, right?" he asked. "I mean, c'mon, you want me to make a list? Where were you last Saturday night? I'm just the one who happened to get caught. And yet you don’t hear me complaining about what you’ve done, do you?

Obviously warming to the subject, Pennington continued in the same vein. “While we’re at it, what about that horrible kitchen makeover you tried to do on your own, before you wound up spending twice as much to have it done right? It’s people like you who give amateur home makeovers a bad name. Tell you what – you don’t pick on my faults, I won’t pick on yours. OK?”

Pennington was released two hours after his arrest on his own design recognizance and after agreeing to provide free redecorating consultation to the LAPD.


  1. Hi there! True, before we see the straw in our fellows eye, we need to remove ours first. LOL! This is so that we can extract successfully what we see in other people's eyes. Better yet, let's apply the golden rule. This will encourage peace amongst us. Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Now, come on, you know that Ty didn't say all of this. These aren't quotes, it slander. If I were him, I'd sue.

    Let those amongst us without sin cast the first stone.


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