Thursday, June 14, 2007

In Case You Missed It...

By Drew

  • I don't like dogs. Sorry about that folks, but it's true. And statistics tell us that cats are more popular pets than dogs. So why is it that on shows such as HGTV's "House Hunters," almost everyone is trying to fit at least a couple of dogs into their new home? Michael at 2Blowhards doesn't answer that question, but he does prove I'm not the only one who's noticed this dog thing:

Yet many suburban types don't seem to consider all the elements of their life to be in place until a Lab or a Golden is part of it. House with two-car garage? Check. Kids? Check. Huge out-of-control dog? Check ... How did this conviction that the Good Suburban Life includes a free-ranging dog come to be?

  • At Architecture and Morality, the politically conservative Relievedebtor makes a very astute observation on how important it is for leaders to actually lead. And in musing on how George Bush has performed the almost miraculous achievement of alienating both liberals and conservatives, he poses a provocative question:

And as a Christian, I am actually starting to question something I never thought I would, which is the detrimental impact Bush’s faith may have had on his presidency. Again, call me na├»ve, but I once considered Bush’s faith to be an asset to his leadership, but I have come to see it as more of a liability. His faith seems similarly stubborn and myopic, which comes across as more fundamentalist than faithful. And this isn’t to say he should abandon principles, but perhaps humility could have come more into play. I don’t know that he believes a war against Islamic forces is the will of God per se, but his faith has led him to a misguided optimism that Christianity doesn’t necessarily endorse.

* We're in numerous messy wars with no end in sight.
* We have an odd and incoherent homeland security.
* Our border situation is out of control.
* The President is hugely unpopular.

Obviously, the only conclusion is that these are the ingredients to an effective defense against terrorism

Of course, after reading these varied pieces, you might come to understand why this blog is the way it is...

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