Tuesday, June 26, 2007

This Just In

By Steve

Motivational Speaker “Presidential,” According to Workshop Participants

OMAHA, NE -- As the result of a successful team-building training session, a presidential boomlet has started for workshop facilitator and motivational expert Ted Dough.

The 6’4”, 220 lb. Dough, wearing a charcoal grey pinstriped suit and sporting a freshly-cut head of chestnut hair, made a considerable impression on many of the participants who attended the all-day workshop at the Cypress Room in the local Holiday Inn.

“Oh, definitely,” Kathryn Jamison responded when asked if she could see Dough as President. “When you look at him standing up there behind the podium, it’s like he’s so, presidential. I would definitely trust what he had to say if I saw him on TV or on a billboard."

Those thoughts were echoed by Corrine Huberty, who found the 37-year-old Dough “dynamic and hunky.” A supporter who voted twice for former president Bill Clinton, Huberty said she detects “many” of the same qualities in Dough.

Added Huberty’s friend and co-worker Ellie Ratcliffe, “I mean, I could totally see him as President of the United States, sure. He had a really cool powerpoint presentation where all the words flew in to the screen from different angles. I thought it was very creative and kept our attention very well, even after the buffet lunch."

Dough is apparently being coy about his presidential aspirations. His corporate website makes no mention of policy statements or intentions, and his secretary, displaying a reluctance to go on the record, said she was unaware of any plans he might have at present to travel to New Hampshire, home of the nation’s first presidential primary.

Dough could just be showing caution, if a survey of the presidential race by CNN analyst Bill Schneider proves accurate.

“The presidential field is packed to overflowing right now,” Schneider said in a phone interview. “For any dark horse candidate to enter now would be political suicide. It’s much better, in my opinion, for someone who is relatively unknown to wait until the field has thinned, and from there measure voter discontent.”

However, in what may be a pessimistic note, when asked about Dough’s prospects in such an event Schneider replied, “Who?”

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  1. Because of your title, I read the first sentence thusly: As the result of a successful team-building training session, a presidential boomlet has started for "worship" facilitator and motivational expert Ted Dough.

    I wonder about the motives of those who, as I once did, participate in "Get Out The Vote" campaigns.

    Of course, maybe I spend too much time posting on Catholic stuff.


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