Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Britney Spears: Toxic Enough for a Summons to the Oval Office

By Bobby

Once again, the cult of Britney Jean Spears has struck again.

The no-talent former Mousekateer has become a porn star, as have many Disney Channel stars as they have matured. Witness the results of Christina Aguilera and Justin Timberlake, and even the raunchy photos of Ashley Tisdale on her solo album to show the results of such porn starhood.

In reading reports today about the performance of Miss Spears, it was clear she made so many blunders that she would make a teacher or coach write the Oval Office summons at the stroke of dawn. Knowing now she refused to practise for the routine was outrageous, let alone her outfit, something that any decent singer, let alone the cream of the crop, would refuse to wear on stage. Would Renée Fleming, Anna Netrebko , Bryn Terfel, Walter Cuttino, or Jami Rhodes ever sing a major piece that is hard to learn with just one practise session and to wear that type of costume?

Also hearing she was drunk while in practice was inappropriate. The only drink any singer should have when in practice is plain water – no colas, sugary drinks, juice, or booze. (Booze is for car engines, not humans! Target Honda driver Scott Dixon lost the IndyCar Championship by running out of booze in the last three-fourths of a mile Sunday!)*.

Can you imagine the organist and vocalist at a church set for a solo attempt to sing the piece without five practice runs, with the organist working on the music just once and never knowing about it, or coming in without having run the performance once at full throttle? It is as pathetic as the typical church solo some churches offer with a vocalist reading the lyrics (not sheet music) and singing secular tunes in a church (not sacred) to a karaoke machine (which many churches feature) that are just as bad as what that no-talent Miss Spears did Sunday night.

It was reminiscent of a commentary I made four years ago (before this blog), just after the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards (which had the Spears/Aguilera/Ciccone kiss). A friend who posts on conservative site noted to others, "I've never liked Britney Spears, she is a fake no-talent bimbo . . . but that MTV kiss was the capper. Enough to gag a maggot . . . "

I noted to her, "(Britney has) no talent at all. It takes work. She doesn't do it. A friend of mine lives in Winter Park (FL) and I think my friend could rattle the cage and annihilate Britney in a singing contest! As I said to another friend afterwards, I can beat Britney Spears in a singing contest (provided I work with my voice teacher and she picks the accompanist). That shows the patheticness of her "talent".

I woke up the morning after the MTV awards and did not know what happened that evening. After watching Brian Kilmeade outraged by the kiss on-stage at that awards show, I commented the kiss was troubling, and "Serena has sent a technical bulletin. Madonna (Ciccone), Christina Aguilera, and Britney Spears have been called to the Big Red Truck after the MTV Video Music Awards."**

That was not enough for Miss Spears, who once again went over the edge Sunday night at the Palms Casino in Las Vegas.

MTV has shown how they are a notorious peddler of pornography, and how MTV influences even today’s youth showed this year with their performers and their attitudes. Compare Kayne West’s attitude after losing at the VMA to Dale Earnhardt Jr’s disappointment at missing the playoffs.

*1 Indy Racing League cars race on ethanol – which is the alcohol of all alcoholic beverages. Cars run on 200-proof ethanol – pure booze.

**The original reference was written in August 2003. The “Big Red Truck” is now known as the “Oval Office”.

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