Friday, September 28, 2007

NFL Cheerleader Restrictions - Here's Why

By Bobby

The National Football League placed a request to the 26 NFL teams with cheerleaders (six teams -- Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Green Bay, the New York Giants, and Pittsburgh -- do not have dance teams) that their squads may not warmup, stretch, or make any suggestive movements in the vicinity of the opponent's bench. This is a legitimate rule by the League to stop what has become a distraction in sports, and unfortunately, has turned professional sports venues into a brothel, with their cleavage-bearing, buttock-shaking, midriff-bearing simulated sex show set to hip-hop tunes from the latest thug artists blaring on the stadium.

It is sad that the NFL has had to stoop to writing a mandate, but when you turn professional sporting venues into brothels featuring strippers or Britney Spears-style performances, as we have seen with all 30 NBA teams, what does it say about our society when we now tolerate strip shows through a combination of MTV and what is being taught in the dance studios today totoday's youth? Even churches are not immune to the scandal, as many younger music leaders are pushing to replace choirs with teens who dance, often to the same suggestive moves or music, although without the raunchy costumes.

The League has made the right decision in starting to crack down on these professional prostitutes. Selling swimsuit calendars of these sex objects to pay "under the cover" bonuses to players or coaches which the team does not have to share its revenue with the other 31 teams has created an undercover market. This restriction is the first stop. The NFL needs to eliminate the brothel show on the sidelines with its suggestive outfits and the rest of its questionable antics by the "cheerleaders" who are nothing more than another outlet to draw more young 21-34 men who purchase the most alcohol and can turn these girls into sex objects. If you sell to that young crowd, you are ignoring the families. Why betray the family with promotions engineered for a young group of hormone-raging men who buy the most alcohol?

I remember years ago a now-defunct pop music festival admitted they wanted acts which catered to the 21-34 crowd, since they purchased the most alcohol. It seems professional sport is appealing to the high beer purchasers.

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