Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Poetry Wednesday

By Judith

I was going to choose a different Halloween poem by Rowena Bennett, but found this charming ditty while looking for information on Miss Bennett. Information about the author is difficult to find, although her poems are all over the place and her books are available on Amazon. This poem was written in 1949 and it appears that most of her material is for children. The original poem I was going to choose is called "The Witch of Willowby Wood," and she also wrote a poem about the Easter Bunny. She also wrote a play called "Puss In Boots: A Three Act Dramatization of the Old Fairy Tale." Now you know everything I do.

Have a safe and fun Halloween and enjoy this little poem.


I want a little witch cat
With eyes all yellow-green,
Who rides upon a broomstick
Every Halloween,
Who purrs when she is taking off,
Just like a purring plane,
And doesn't mind a tailspin
Even in the rain.
I want a cat who dares to light
The candle of the moon
And set it's jack-o-lantern face
A-laughing like a loon.
I want a cat who laps the milk
Along the Milky Way,
A cat of spunk and character
As daring as the day;
But gentle-looking kittens
Are in the stores to sell
And which cat is a witch cat,
I really cannot tell.

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