Friday, October 26, 2007

This Just In

By Kristin

Search Continues for Missing Obama Pin

(October 26, 2007—Chicago, IL) A massive search is still underway, say federal authorities, for the missing American flag pin of presidential candidate Barack Obama. While no new leads have been reported in the case in the past few days, search efforts continue for the lapel pin that has become an object of media controversy.

(left) The search for the missing Pin becomes more pointed as authorities spare no expense.

Friends of the American Pin noted strange behavior changes prior to the Pin’s disappearance in early October.

“American Flag Pin just wasn’t his normal self,” remembered 70’s inspired Smiley Face Pin. “It’s back would just slip off at the most inopportune moments.” Others in the pin community were too emotional to comment.

Other pins remember a lack of shine and pep in the lost pin days before its disappearance. Between tiny sobs, the Commemorative 100 Mile Ride for Lupus Pin stated that he wished he’d acted on the signs earlier. "It's up to us pins to stick together," he said.

There have been sightings the past few weeks around the Fox Broadcasting center. Other American Flag pins have been confused with the Obama Pin but insist that they do not belong to the Democratic Senator.

Anyone with any information is encouraged to contact federal authorities immediately.

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