Thursday, December 20, 2007

New Energy Act a Product of "Dictator" Pelosi

By Bobby

The federal Energy Act of 2007 has shown how House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has virtually assumed control of the federal government. The policy was nearly singlehandedly written based on the virtues of fringe environmentalists who endorse policies of former Vice President Al Gore, who won the Nobel Peace Prize for promoting this policy. Having the two-thirds majority pass the bill following the dictatorial policy of writing the bill, not permitting much debate, and forcing an up-or-down vote on the policy as it was written by the virtual dictator shows the tactics of modern liberalism resemble Hugo Chávez, North Korea, or other known dictators. What is wrong with this bill? Let me count the ways.

The incandescent bulb ban is outrageous because it enforces a ban that makes no sense. Most cars on the road use incandescent bulbs in their domelights, interior lights, and most turn signal lights. Many restaurants' heating lamps are also incandescent, and some facilities must use incandescent lamps because they do not have mercury. The ban will effectively take cars off the road, eliminate heating lamps used for restaurants, and create more safety hazards, But liberals, more interested in feelings than logic, override the national security in favor of the ideas of "An Inconvenient Truth."

The new fuel economy standards are also designed to destroy the American automobile industry and give the budding Chinese Communist automobile industry the upper hand in the process. Furthermore, safety standards will be sacrificed even more than they were when the original CAFE standard was set, since this standard also affects light trucks. It would seem the environmentalists would rather have Americans in two-seat minicars with 40-cubic inch two or three-cylinder engines that save fuel but may cost lives (since they are easily destroyed in light crashes), while virtually banning the bread and butter of American automobile manufacturers, the eight-cylinder full-size truck. This is reminicent of how the first CAFE rule killed the eight-cylinder family sedan. They write this law once again to please the standards established by the"An Inconvenient Truth" crowd and European policies. The 35 MPG policy also bans the specially secured vehicles used by world leaders and businesses to fight the terrorists.

When a two-thirds majority using tactics of dictators written by the new leader of this country, Nancy Pelosi, base policy on European policy and films created by fringe environmentalists, and not based on common business sense, this country's decline can be traced to these leaders who base themselves strictly on unrealistic policies that have no logic, just feelings.

But feelings is the only thing needed in modern liberalism, since feelings override all forms of common sense.

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