Friday, December 7, 2007

What's Really Important

By Mitchell

You may have read about the recent remarks by Professor Richard Dawkins (he of the book The God Delusion) in which he attempts to rationalize adultery, or at least defend it, within the greater context of an attack on "the green-eyed monster," jealousy. (Although, as those who are gravely wrong often do, he stumbles into the truth with his remark early on that "of course" adultery "is forgivable." It is indeed, as are other sins, but only if one expresses true repentance and a desire to reform one's life. As far as I know, this doesn't include rationalization.)

But that is a discussion for another day and another forum. For those of us inclined to look behind the headlines, of far more interest than Dawkins' remarks is the fact (with a nod to Iain Murphy at NRO) that Dawkins is married to former Doctor Who star Lalla Ward. Who knew? Did you, Badda?

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