Monday, December 31, 2007

Remembering at the End of the Year

By Mitchell

We do a lot of obituaries here - someone once said that, although we don't tend to write much of a personal nature, you can tell a lot about each one of us based on the obits we do. Some of them are for people who are simply too important to ignore, but most typify for us a moment in time, an era, a cultural landmark of one kind or another.

I think we do pretty well at painting that kind of cultural picture, but nobody does a better job of remembering those who've passed on than TCM. Their year in review is currently running a few times each day, but you can see it online here. You'd be surprised how many familiar faces died this year - those you knew of, and a few that will come as a surprise. And for good measure, while you're at it check out last year's review and see how quickly those names fall away if you don't take the time to remember.

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