Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Ignorance Isn't Bliss

By Bobby

The following originally appeared as a comment under Mitchell's recent piece, but due to popular demand (OK, due to Badda's request) we're reprinting it here in it's own right.


There is obviously no respect or excellence in public schools. I was forced into them in high school because of threats to my life in private school (fondling of breasts, bleach thrown into my eyes, repeated attacks) that my grades dropped.

In some cases they started using Klansman language.

What I didn't know then was moving to a worse school killed me schoolingwise, and also I had faced the generation that did not know anything right from wrong.

Now we have a generation where emotions from the major pop psychology figures (including the New Age) is replacing the fundamentals of reading, writing, and arithmetic, the idea of "global warming" replaces real science (note the new light bulb regulations, the new fuel-economy standard that will force everyone into 2-seat 45-CID minicars with no protection, and "global warming" as religion), and self-esteem means more than winning. Think of it now that instead of learning of the wars in World War II and the numerous victories of the Allies, they learn instead anti-war legislators and famous losers, and support Communists instead of patriots. The great works in literature are removed because they are "dead white males," and the same goes with music.

Modern "church" is built around the same emotions as in school thanks to the recent development of "megachurches" such as Willow Creek and Saddleback, where their learning is on the same principle as in schools today. In music, instead of learning to sing sacred choral works, is learning to dance to the latest pop tunes, some of which includes the false theology of the "prosperity gospel".

One kid told me Wednesday in an interview that the Bible was "passed down generation to generation and there are mistakes in it." That is the type of postmodern teaching they learn in the teachers union-run schools today.

They believe in mediocrity instead of excellence, losing instead of winning, that when I watched Toyota win Sunday in Hampton, Georgia, I thought of Grantland Rice when I wrote after the Toyota victory, "An atomic bomb was dropped in Hampton, Georgia Sunday. The Americans quickly surrendered, and the former State of Georgia was surrendered to the Japanese. It is now the Georgia Perfecture of Japan." I thought of the complexities of Grantland Rice, and history, when I wrote that line.

For 40 years the environmentalist movement has destroyed education and the American industry. When the Japanese and Chinese Communists take over much of our industrial production, we have suffered under them. When the Europeans are winning the contract to build US military tankers, something is deeply wrong. Have we lost our way?

Saturday's Congressional election showed the Left's increasing power that supports the immoral lifestyles and the idea that America must have gobs of self-esteem and must lose, instead of going for the win. It seems Hollywood's infiltration of their values has shown victories everywhere when real leadership is no longer permitted, but instead Hollywood puppets are in control.

When people do not know our Presidents of the United States, but know the characters from the latest MTV series, and when people know American Idol but not the history of the Quiz Show Scandals of the 1950's that affected (production company) Radio Television Luxembourg's predecessors in the United States, what is happening?

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