Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Social Activism

By Bobby

Homosexual activists have been seizing control of the country, one asset at a time, especially in the forty years since the Stonewall riots. The increasing normalisation of the psychiatric disorder as a “legitimate” lifestyle has become a major concern, as activists have used their orders to declare gruesome activities such as sodomy a “constitutional right” and protection of their “lifestyle” as a “protected class” have concerned many because of the excessive costs of the sin, which include increasing costs in insurance to pay for this lifestyle, declaration of this as “normal,” and the prohibition of Christians from imposing Godly standards because they violate homosexual activists' agenda.

Now, they are successfully making inroads in the declaration of war on marriage through the Massachusetts, Vermont, and California court cases on marriage, the increase of pro-homosexual policies in corporations and communities (including “civil unions”), and the increase of homosexual activism on college campi through special activist organisations that would make activities of religious groups a violation of campus policies favouring the sinful lifestyle should be fair warning that we are fighting a war against activists who wish to impose their sinful lifestyles as noble and superior to what God envisioned.

About fifty miles from my home is Irmo High School in the said city. I applaud the principal for his decision to leave the school in the wake of being forced to legalise a homosexual activist club in school. The mandate to legalise such a club is clearly intentional by activists. If homosexual activists are to increase in number (homosexuals cannot procreate), they must push their agenda through many school clubs. Having a homosexual club at Irmo is intended to dumb down the school, and to push through deviancy standards through a school club, along with California-specification textbooks push the lifestyle, is intended to destroy a school from fundamentals of education to the latest rage in the promoting of the John Dewey values of “facts do not matter, it's how you feel that counts” through the promotion of psychiatric disorders as normal, when they are not.

If schools are now being bullied by homosexual activists to have clubs to promote the lifestyle and to push for the massive liberal agenda of the homosexual activists, something has fallen with the education system. It is not about teaching the latest in liberal social activist causes. It is about teaching the fundamentals of reading, writing, and arithmetic, and not about self-esteem or becoming liberal activists.

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