Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Left's Idea of Labour

By Bobby

The warning Wal-Mart Stores Inc offered about an Obama victory combined with a Democratic government monopoly is serious enough to warrant explanation of what might happen in your neighbourhood, especially in a smaller town, as which there are many in any state in the union.

It is shortly after Inauguration Day, and Pelosi imposes a ban on opposition speech, something that is quickly adopted by Reid. In essence, if you are members of the opposition, the right to speak your displeasure, propose alternative legislation, or even discuss the issues is banned. The Fairness Doctrine is passed that kills many radio stations, turning many of the popular news/talk stations into gangster rap stations or other “popular” music formats featuring talentless “singers” whose lack of talent and inability to use anything but explicit language and danceable beats, as federal authorities' spying on radio station makes formerly popular programmes such as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, and Michael Reagan banned under new federal regulations demanding “fairness”. Meanwhile, outrageous liberal propaganda is mandated such as radio and television programming requires stations to air government propaganda to push for same-sex “marriage”, the virtues of a windfall profits tax, the repeal of the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts, and the virtues of state-run medical systems.

Another rule imposed by Congress is similar to the Brady Rule (see here for details) where legislators are not permitted to blog or appear on any sites but those approved by leadership. This prevents legislators from appearing on any blog, news program, or any media site unless it is approved by the Speaker or Majority Leader (depending on the branch of which the legislator is a member), and brings down legislators who blog on sites such as Townhall, or appearing on any news program.

As a result of such rules, the outcry towards a labor reform bill that sneaked into Congress by the ensuing media blackout is absent, and a labor reform package that outlaws Right to Work States, mandates forced unionism, legalising the closed shop , repealing Beck Rights (which prohibit a worker's union dues from going into non-collective bargaining issues, such as campaigning for same-sex “marriage” or political campaigning for pro-labour candidates), legalising the card check (a union is authorised for a company by majority of workers signing a card, and not a vote by secret ballot) and prohibiting businesses from hiring replacement workers during a labor stoppage is passed easily by the liberals in Congress without debate under congressional rules on bills fast-tracked by Pelosi and Reid, and promptly signed by the President.

That situation in the above paragraph is what concerns Wal-Mart and other major non-union firms, most notably FedEx, have a serious concern.

In a small neighborhood, about 100 miles from a medium size or large city, there is only one grocery store in the city, and the nearest grocery store is in that city. The new laws passed by the liberal leaders results in the food workers' union imposing a card check that passes. Weeks later, the new union attempts to negotiate a collective bargaining agreement that includes closing stores on Eid, Ramadan (sunrise to sunset only), and Césár Chávez' Birthday, but does not include Christmas, Easter, or Independence Day, and imposes a much higher pay scale than other grocers 100 miles away. The grocer balks on the absurd schedule proposed by the union, and the union decides to strike against the grocer. Union policies prohibit any employee from breaking the strike under penalty of losing their job, and with new federal laws imposed to prohibit the grocer from hiring replacement workers, the grocer is forced to close while the strike takes place. Angry neighbors have to drive 100 miles to the grocery store in the large city in their 2-seat microcars that cannot carry a family grocery shopping list, while others are stranded because of government-mandated electric cars that run out of power midway through the drive. Public transportation is not available to the grocer in the other city because the transportation union decides to sympathise with the food workers' union, and imposes policies to prohibit the city from offering the alternative in the large city. A week later, a rainstorm comes on the day most families are grocery shopping, and a Big One on a country road leads to a severe crash that injure drivers of the microcars involved as they were in a procession to the nearest grocery store that is open because of the local grocer's closure caused by the strike. The injured drivers are not even treated at the hospital because government-run healthcare prohibits checkups for crashes and instead pays for the doctors to kill the victims instead of having them treated.

The overall cost of the strike is expensive fuel bills because families have to drive 200 miles – 2 ½ hours each way with new speed limits designed to save the earth – and use two-thirds of the gas tank in their microcars to do the grocery shopping, spending considerably more to shop for food, meat, eggs, bread, vegetables, and other necessities of life because of the strike.

Meanwhile, the complaints are silenced because of federal media policies that prohibit the neighbour from calling the local radio station and discussing the issue. Instead, the station keeps playing government-mandated “music” from gangster rap types, and the media policy prohibits the newspaper from discussing the issue. The labor strife between the union and grocer continues and the union tells other supermarkets not to come to the city under their threats.

The overall result is the entire city is wiped out because of the inability to do anything while the unions' strongarm policy has prohibited anything from happening.

This is the type of dangerous activity that could happen with liberals imposing their strong arm law of the land. Wal-Mart's warning about an Obama presidency was intended to show what could happen under such leadership with the heavy labour-infested policies, and what I have written would be an example of what such leadership would do to a neighborhood.

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