Thursday, August 28, 2008

Musings of What Was Formerly Labor Day

By Bobby

Random thoughts:

Labor Day was removed from the holiday calendar after 2004, when it was moved to November. The Ferko lawsuit forced the Southern 500 in the Florence suburb of Darlington to be moved to Forth Worth, Texas. That's why Palmetto State residents do not observe such a "day" because of the court's decision to force NASCAR to kill the Grand Slam by moving the Florentine major to Fort Worth, Texas. (The other three majors are the Daytona 500, Aaron's 499, and Coca-Cola 600; from 1985 until 1997, a $1 million bonus was awarded for a Small Slam; eight drivers -- B. Allison, D. Earnhardt Sr, D. Pearson, D. Waltrip, J. Gordon, EW Baker Jr, R. Petty, JK Johnson -- won all four majors.)

Phil Hill, the first Formula One champion of the States, died this week. The 81-year old Californian was America's first F1 world champion, yet on his coronation, did not race his home grand prix to coronate his championship, as Scuderia Ferrari did not participate at Watkins Glen because of Von Trips' death. He won three each of les 24 Heures du Mans (with just two drivers, and without l'Arche and La Floranidére) and the 12 Hours of Sebring, and twice each at Monza (twice, both times on the 10k track) and Spa (the full 8.76 mile track when it was city streets, not the present permanent Spa). Godspeed, Phil.

Adoro Te Devote 's "Liturgy on Broadway" column was perfect considering what too many Emergent churches have been performing. In one church in Anderson (165 miles from home through 26, 385, and 85), they opened a church service with Beyoncé Knowles as church music. Similar things also take place at Granger Community in Indiana, where the Gospel is not even taught while entertainment fills that "church". I wonder what she can say.

A college friend who blogs on Blogspot just posted tragic news with one of her friends. She linked to her childhood friend's Blogspot where word came that Elliana, her friend's daughter, died Thursday after 27 days of fighting after having Trisomy 13.

There is something about standing on the playing of "Also Sprach Zarusthra". When I was in college, we stood as the home team came on the field to that music. When I graduated from college the orchestra played it for us. My former voice teacher said on her master's degree graduation that she was scared of that song. She had to learn to love it. A popular "professional wrestler" from Minnesota used it as entrance music. For me, it always means excitement. But to too many where I live, that song is prohibited because of what they call "enemy music". Of course, they're pro-country and rock and cannot tolerate those who sing sacred arias.


NOTE: EW Baker Jr -- Buddy Baker's legal name is Elzie Wylie Baker, Jr. Designation used to prevent confusion with father Buck (Elzie Wylie Sr). JK Johnson -- Jimmie Johnson's middle name is Kenneth. The use of his middle initial prevents confusion with Robert Glen Johnson, Jr, known as "Junior". Also prevents confusion in the NASCAR archives with other drivers surnamed Johnson whose first initial is J.

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