Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Clinton Era Policies Coming Home to Roost

By Bobby

It seems the legacy of George Walker Bush will be one where the previous administration of Bill Clinton ran so many "me now" policies that seemed to go peacefully under his watch that when he left office, he let the country collapse under the next administration.

The Peace Dividend. Clinton's demolition of the military (as shown in numerous base closings, including one in Charleston) led to weaknesses exposed in later eras that he never patched. Ethiopian Airways 961 was hijacked, and Al Qaeda terrorists killed Leslie Ann Shedd, a senior CIA officer at 28, and officials from Israeli Aviation Industries, and Ukrainian intelligence and air force divisions. Usama's Henchmen threw the bodies off and no investigation was ordered into this hijacking that killed a US official who could have provided information that could have stopped further attacks.

The Clinton era policies led to ineptitude when Usama's Henchmen successfully killed over 200 in two August 7, 1998 bombings in Nairobi and Dar Es Salaam. Little, if any, legitimate retaliation was ordered. In January 2000, Al Qaeda terrorists went on a boat in an attempt to sink an American ship. That resulted in disaster when the homicide bombers and their homicide boat sank. Nine months later, a similar operation led to the USS Cole bombing near Yemen. Nothing was done about it.

The confidence of Al Qaeda, and the "Gorelick Wall" of Attorney General Reno's left-hand girl led to not understanding any of the terrorists' motives, and that resulted in the next administration seeing homicide bombers attack the World Trade Center and Pentagon bombings, and a fourth plan likely headed to Washington stopped. This led to the nation having to spend more to rebuild our security that Clinton dismantled, and attacking terrorists everywhere. Seven years later, terrorists have yet to attack the US. But our spending now was a byproduct of Clinton cuts that led to weaknesses.

The Dangerous Judiciary. Clinton era judges (which still dominate thanks to the actions of Leahy and Reid in blocking any legitimate judge) created a policy that effectively moved the nation's capital to Bruxelles, Belgique. These judges have overturned thousands of local laws, especially in justice on criminals and conduct, by creating a "constitutional" right to sodomy, special protections to 16 and 17 year old criminals, such as the video poker parlor murderers of the mid-1990's in South Carolina, and a free excuse for criminals to avoid penalty for their crime. In those cases, and others, the judges have declared the laws of states and the country unconstitutional, and declaring the laws of Europe override the laws of the United States, the 50 states, and of the communities. Now criminals can just claim "insanity" to avoid punishment because Clinton judges state European laws override US laws, and wicked sodomy is now "constitutionally" protected, as are teens who murder adults because they know they cannot be punished severely.

Furthermore, we do not understand for now what their next move could be. They could declare constitutional things such as future laws that state radio, television, and the internet can be regulated for political content (something liberals want to see; see the Obama fight against WGN Radio, the NRA, and Fox News), or even state because of European laws, the ban on infanticide be declared illegal.

Justice is no longer served in the United States when foreign laws usurp US laws, especially since any policies can be overturned on a judge stating laws of foreign countries usurp US law.

The Economic Crash. The "community organisers" behind the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 were back in the Clinton era, and when Republicans were ready to take over Congress, Clinton seized control and instead of submitting proposals doomed to failure, Clinton officials (including Treasury Secretary Rubin) rewrote policies that favoured Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Race, not ability to pay, became the new government standard for who could earn a loan. Because of the rules on capital to back investments (banks must hold four times more capital to back investments than Fannie and Freddie -- $2.50 for every $100, versus $10 for every $100 for banks), the government was able to boom as they controlled the market for mortgages since the government had special policies.

Furthermore, this led to an excessive number of defaults and a crashing economy that the Clintons created, but could wait years to bloom. Considering who has run the two government-run credit institutions (mostly Clinton officials), it is a halfway house for them before what they hope is an Obama administration will be able to keep them in power to create more corruption.

These Clinton and Carter era policies led to the financial crisis of subprime loans, and Mike Pence led the charge to order change. Then, Dictator Pelosi, using the same tactics used to push through a 40% minimum wage hike, absurd Detroit-killing "energy policy" that will lead to the demise of the US auto market in an attempt to appease the Gaia worshippers, and to lose wars to terrorists, tried the same "up or down only" move on this socialist bailout. Pence, who should become the Speaker of the House, led the charge to stop it. I think Pence has more sense in his policy, and has become the maverick.

In all three situations shown here, we have seen where Clinton era policies have led to doom in a future administration, and we are currently paying for three different Clinton era disasters. Liberals think the best way to fix it is to create more problems, when they are causing the problem. Do we want Barack Obama, a "community organiser" in the form similar to ACORN, which is the organisation that would have benefited from this rejected policy, running the country and turning it over to these crooks? He was not even planning to participate in this deal, but when John McCain forced Obama into the war room, Obama took over planning for the Democrats. Obama's policy was pathetic that it led to the revolt in Congress that may have just created another game-changing moment but shows the legacy of the Clinton years is one hard price we must pay still for its absurdity.

NOTE: The spelling of the terrorist organisations and names is consistent with policies of the United States government.

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