Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Faking It...III

By Bobby

In recent weeks we heard about the controversy over the Chinese Communists swapping out a girl set to sing "Hymn to the Motherland" at the Peking Bird's Nest, the fake fireworks show placed on-air by the Peking television organisers as part of the Peking Olympics, and now even the Sydney Symphony Orchestra admitted their 2000 performance at the Summer Olympics was faked.

Now it seems I observed last night on C-SPAN a third major faked performance at an event, this time at the RNC. Colorado native and former teen pop queen Rachael Lampa (born 8 Jan 1985), six days younger than Lewis Hamilton (born 2 Jan 1985) and slightly less than four months older than Kyle Busch (born 2 May 1985), seemingly had her performance faked despite one acoustical guitar on stage. The way she spoke into the microphone after the "performance" had all the looks of a faked performance.

Add this to what is surely to happen at the MTV Video Music Awards, and I wonder why faking performances, something that has become trendy in churches, is now everywhere in our society.

Out of respect, I generally do not refer to Kyle Busch with "Rowdy". That term is used in relation to a tribute to the late Bobby Hamilton, Sr that Busch used in 2006. Busch had a Craftsman Truck for a 2006 racesimilar to an early Rowdy Burns car in the movie Days of Thunder. This was intended to be a tribute for the 48-year old driver who was involved ina fight with neck cancer, one which he would ultimately lose. The #51 Busch uses in late model and truck racing, along with the "Rowdy" tag on the roof of those vehicles, is his tribute.

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