Thursday, October 2, 2008

The History We Forget

By Drew

What with the Vice Presidential debate this evening, it seemed like a good time to remember that Sarah Palin is not the first Vice Presidential candidate to come under intense scrutinty - although she might be the first to suffer the kind of character assassination she's endured at the hands of the leftist media and bloggers. The MSM might have you believe that no running mate has ever been so seriously questioned. This is a convenient hook for them. But, of course, it lacks historical perspective.

Back in 1952, the young Richard Nixon, running mate of Dwight Eisenhower, was the subject of a headline in the New York Post: "Secret Rich Men's Trust Fund Keeps Nixon in Style Far Beyond His Salary." Many Republicans urged Ike to drop Nixon from the ticket. The result was called "The Checkers Speech."

Part 1:

Part 2:

You can read more about the background of the speech here. The upshot is that the speech was an enormous success, Nixon remained on the ticket and complied a long (albeit not always glorious) history in national politics, and the Checkers Speech became a part of American history.

That is of course, except for the times when the MSM finds it convenient to forget about it.

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