Thursday, November 6, 2008

The New Media Reform

By Bobby

Media reform is a huge issue now with liberals and the Triple Crown. Here's my top Obama Media Reform Rules.

  1. News Corp (Fox News, the New York Post, The Wall Street Journal) and The Washington Times will lose their seats in the White House Press Room and be replaced by Glamour magazine, Al Jazeera, MTV and its homosexual network (where the President allowed a debate, but not Fox), and a member of the Office of Media Control.

  2. An attempt to pull an RCTV on the Fox News Channel and Business Network will take place. (RCTV was a private channel in Venezuela seized by Chávez. The signal was given to government propaganda.)

  3. The Media Ownership Reform Act, including a Fairness Doctrine, will be cleared, and media policies of Obama will be in play. Fox News Radio, Premiere Radio Networks (Rush Limbaugh, Michael Weiner, Ph.D., Laura Schlessinger), Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, and other conservative radio sources will be bounced off-air, replaced by a new wave of music as selected by ACORN and other "community leaders" which will be able to determine what radio groups will have licences. News/talk radio will be seized and replaced with these inferior stations as federal media policy outlaws news/talk radio.

  4. The new MORA will also include regulation of satellite radio and cable television to ensure their agenda is the only one permitted. This includes cable and satellite carriers being asked to carry an Obama Channel (see Dish Network).

  5. The Office of Media Control will ensure Glenn Beck will not be permitted on television once it voids Glenn Beck's contract with Fox News as part of pulling its licence. (Many journalists have a noncompete clause in their contracts prohibiting them from appearing on a rival station for a time after their contract expires; Jim Gandy (Columbia) and both Bill Walsh and Warren Peper (two different stations in Charleston) were barred from being on-air in those markets when they were bounced from popular stations; both signed with rival stations in the same market to appear after their noncompete expired.)

  6. Religious broadcasters will be banned unless approved by the OMC. The Emergent Church (a liberal church that doesn't teach the Bible) will be permitted.

  7. MOVEON.ORG will be given propaganda rights to spew propaganda to block Fox News, including hijacking the Fox News Web site, which will be approved by the OMC.

  8. Federal media regulators will allow green earth agenda people to order a block on the Fox Broadcast Network on February 15, forcing a 2-hour program promoting liberal propaganda at 2 PM, and a 4-hour Live Earth rebroadcast to air at 4 PM. This will block Fox's broadcast of a major prime-time sporting event scheduled that day (the Daytona 500) and be mandated as part of new federal orders.

  9. Radio broadcasts of Händel's Messiah will be purged and replaced by broadcasts of the latest Kwanzaa special promoting Communism. (See Ann Coulter's column about Kwanzaa.)

  10. Anyone who spews anything against the Office of Media Control will have their broadcast licence pulled on the spot.

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