Monday, January 5, 2009

Random Thoughts

By Bobby

Al Franken as Senator. Liberals found a way to steal elections in 2004 when Dino Rossi in Washington was robbed of the Governorship. He won the election, but Democrats called continuous recounts to steal the election from the winner. This tactic is found again in Minnesota, where Al Franken is finding a way to steal a win after he had lose the election. At this rate, will we ever have free elections again when liberals find ways to turn elections into professional wrestling matches, where liberals are the heels, conservatives are jobbers, and referees are "bumped" by the liberals so elections will be fixed? This will be interesting.

What's Next for Opera? With the announcement last year that An Inconvenient Truth will become an opera, I wonder how liberal activists will turn opera into places to turn their activist maneuvers into places where culture will be removed and replaced by one-sided liberal activists that will indoctrinate people into their agenda that matches that of the Obama Administration. How many love stories will now be aimed at supporting bogus marriage? How many stories will be turned into very erotic stories that would anger most people? I have a scare in my thought that the Communist goal of inferior art will be enforced by stating the only way of showing superiority in their eyes is as much gore, sex, erotica, and fetish is art, and Godly standards must go. How can we make it government-endorsed?

We'll Comply With It versus You Must Pay For It. Ford said by not wanting any of the government bailout money for now that they will comply with the federal microcar mandate instead of fighting it, unlike GM and Chrysler which are saying it's an unfunded government mandate to the greens, and they will only produce the mandated vehicles if the government pays for them, since they cannot make a profit off them.

Prayer Request. Ingrid Schlueter, whom I've quoted a few times and have developed friendship, is pregnant in her 40's with another child. Keep the family in your prayers. Also, another college friend, Lorann Cook (, is pregnant with a third son of hers and husband Jason.

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