Friday, February 6, 2009

Bible Publisher involved in Daschle Tax Scandal

By Bobby

In reading my notes this week about Tom Daschle's withdrawal of his nomination as Health and Human Services Secretary, I learned the firm involved in the scandal that brought him down was Intermedia, a huge private equity firm involved in liberal politics.

Intermedia in 2006 purchased Bible publisher Thomas Nelson from people such as myself, and the new tone of Nelson under Leo Hindery, Jr, and his Intermedia firm was well-known. I questioned (see the Notable Quotable 2007) their decision to publish a book by the mother of the infamous Spears sisters from entertainment.

Not only does this firm turn away from its Bible publishing in favour of the modern "new spirituality" trends, now we have learned Intermedia, its parent, has been involved in the tax cheat scandal.

Read more on Daschle here and here.

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