Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Attacking Talk Radio: Advertisers First

By Bobby

It had to come back to me this evening as I read about the Obama Administration firing the head of General Motors.

Over the past few years, GM advertised aggressively on talk radio, especially on the major conservative programs. I remember hearing ads on major conservative shows.

The Pelosi Administration started imposing new money-losing rules to automakers in an effort to force them into microcars. Chrysler called "uncle" and Fiat offered a third of Chrysler in return for allowing them to work on the Fiat Punto microcar. Ford hired "agents of change" (note the Obama campaign rhetoric) and had 100 (mostly pro-Obama supporters) drive 2010 European Fiesta microcars in an attempt to make the cars feel good for their 2011 launch in the US. GM was too focused on their bread and butter, as Bob Lutz had said their money is made on trucks and family cars, and while they had the Volt, it was still too large for the Pelosi/Obama Alliance, where cars must be microcars, energy must come from wind and solar, and worship of Gaia is the only worship allowed. Worse yet, GM refused to comply with the liberal mandates, so they said if they were to produce what the feds want, the feds had to pay them to do so.

Take the Obama, Pelosi, and Reid victory, and the attitude of "we won, we can do anything we want, and we'll destroy talk radio, first by going after its advertisers".

Take both the Obama/Pelosi energy policy to force microcars, then the attitude against talk radio and its advertisers, and it's clearly no coincidence why Mr. Wagoner was fired. It was clearly aimed at the car guys running GM (Lutz) and its advertising on great radio shows. Liberals are now showing automakers the only way is to stop advertising on talk radio, and making only microcars.

What's the next target?

* * *

One hidden story not mentioned about the Obama Administration's demand of Chrysler accept a partial buyout by Fiat is that the Administration wants everyone into two-seat microcars, and nothing else. This could mean the Fiat Topolino -- the legitimate successor to the Yugo -- being sold in the US. The Topolino is built in the same Serbian plant that gave us the Yugo 55, as last year Fiat bought Zastava, the automaker that gave us the Yugo.

Brace yourself -- Yugo's back with its new Italian boss. And this time they have Chrysler. So here comes the Fiat Topolino, the Yugo that has new ownership of Italy.

Can you imagine this Administration deciding the cars we have, and they want us back in a Yugo, just like the Paul Shanklin parody says on the Rush Limbaugh Program.

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