Saturday, March 28, 2009

Not in the Dark

By Mitchell

I admit that I don't usually blog at this hour, or on the weekend, but this deserved a special note. I just got up to turn out the lights.

As you might have heard, tonight at 8:30 we were all supposed to celebrate "Earth Hour," which means we were all supposed to sit in the dark for an hour. (Of course, the liberals who thought this whopper up are pretty much in the dark anyway.)

Anyway, it's well past 9:30 - so why am I just now turning off the lights? It's because at precisely 8:30, Judie and I turned on every single light in the place, everything that wasn't already on. The bedroom closet, the bathroom, the lights under the cabinets in the kitchen - everything. For one glorious hour, as many of downtown Minneapolis' buildings went dark, our condo shone in a brilliant blaze of glory. (Well, after all, the Good Book does say not to hide your light under a bushel, right?) Even the television was turned to the brightest program I could find: Hockey Night in Canada.

And so as the hour came to an end, and this oh-so-earnest gesture came to an end, and while our lights went off as others came on: what, you may ask, do I - a horrendous offender of the public good, a man who thumbs his nose at the environment, a beast who obviously wants the next generation to suffer for his sins, a downright mean guy - what do I have to say for myself?

Ain't I a stinker?

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