Wednesday, April 29, 2009

America Held Hostage, Day 100, 1,361 Days to Go

By Bobby

I looked at Drew's link to the video in reference to Arlen Specter "jumping to the dark side," and one concern I found was the song used is the same song serenaded by liberal activists to George Walker Bush as he left Washington for the last time.

But my concern is over some policies that a newly minted supermajority, once they can sue Al Franken into the Senate despite actually losing the election (anyone who remembers what happened in Darlington will see the light), what a 60-liberal Senate will do:

1. Through the Fairness Doctrine and “Localism” where ACORN and other liberal activists can tell the FCC that they will dictate which types of media would be permitted. This would effectively ban the popular format that has not been available locally for six years that is very popular and informative. This regulation would also control the media as to effectively shut down Fox News with government controlled media.

2. HR 1913, the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act, would legalise pedophilia, prostitution, fronteurism, incest, beastiality, and other deviant or criminal behaviours. Also, if you do not tow the official government line on sexual deviancy, they will be arrested, similar to what happened in Canada and Sweden.

3. The Employment Non-Discrimination Act would force schools and child-care centres to hire pedophiles, child molesters, and other forms of sexual deviants, as they would simply cry “discrimination by sexual orientation,” face a judge, and the judge would use the new law to mandate the school hire the child molester.

4. A prohibition on separating restrooms by sex, similar to Colorado, could be imposed; a female intern at Focus on the Family noted a man in a women's restroom.

5. False "marriages" of other states would have to be recognised by federal law. Michael Weiner, Ph. D., refers to San Francisco mayor and California gubernatorial candidate Gavin Newsome as “Any Two-Some Newsome” for wanting marriage laws rewritten to be between any two people, and judges are now mandating it in more states to appease the activists. The President wants to ensure marriage is not of a "man and a woman" but of "any two".

6. Two dangerous treaties -- The UN Rights of the Child and the Law of the Sea Treaty -- would be passed, effectively turning over parenting to a foreign entity in the former, and letting tinpot dictators control resources of the sea instead of private entities, would be passed.

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