Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Monday

By Bobby

Last December Mitchell had a reference to the Christmas classic, "What Child Is This" that made the song appropriate for Easter. As I reflected Easter night, on the song after finishing my tax filing work. I'd love to talk with the music director at church to learn this work, but sadly, the
congregation has sold out to the GIA / OCP / EMI / UMG / WMG sap. Thanks for inspiring me!

And of course, there's nothing like "Hallelujah" from Händel, "Hallelujah from the Mount of Olives" by Beethoven, or even "Crown Him with Many Crowns". Those fit the theme of this Resurrection Sunday and send this tenor soaring!

We need to find real music for the Resurrection. Much of the party music released by the major publishers does not fit with the theme, considering the lessons I learned from a singer from Laurel, Mississippi.

It was only fitting on that Charleston Easter morn when I heard Selection #44, "Hallelujah," from Händel's Messiah, on that Easter morning. It was 267 years ago today (April 13) that the masterpiece we know debuted, and it was for Easter, not Christmas, that it was performed. And legend has it that on a performance that King George II stood for this selection, something that has been passed throughout all generations. Yet for a friend's wedding in 2007 (she is pregnant and expecting very soon; please pray for her -- she was the one who caught the singing bug to me), the congregation did not even stand for it but did for a pair of Chris Tomlin ditties that lack theology and doctrine. It was a florist who came to me at the reception and noted I was the only one who even stood for the masterpiece.

Finding other pieces like this John Stainer piece on the Web I found is highly appropriate for the season. We have to learn more of the great masterworks.

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