Friday, April 10, 2009

More Downfall

By Bobby

In just a few short days in April, as I just mentioned, we see Washington DC accepting other areas' false "marriage," in addition to Vermont's legislature codifying the 10-year old court mandate of passing a false marriage law, and the Iowa courts declaring marriage to be between "any two, regardless of anything."

Now I was informed a major pay-per-view in Houston, Texas, World Wrestling Entertainment Wrestlemania XXV, did the same to push for sexual deviants. Anthony John Carelli, who goes by the ring name of "Santino Marella" (a reference to the late Robert Marella, a former wrestler in WWE and later announcer), was cross-dressing and appeared in a 25-woman "battle royal" at the Reliant Stadium event. Remember that it was this stadium that gave us the infamous Janet Jackson-Justin Timberlake incident at Super Bowl XXXVIII. Mr. Carelli's character "won" the "battle royal" that is a women-only match.

It begs me again to ask: would you have Mr. Marella as Miss Wrestlemania or Mrs. (Ashley) Hood as the Drag Queen at nearby Houston Raceway Park in Baytown? I'd say I'd watch the daughter of John Force driver her Mustang 1,000 feet.

The WWE's cross-dressing gimmick, like the stupidity of court mandates and court cases regarding marriage, are all inappropriate.

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