Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Return of Enron

By Bobby

We remember the scandals from an energy company in Texas known as Enron in the early years of this decade. Now we are learning that ghosts of Enron are in play with the proposed "cap and trade" bills that are prevalent now in Congress, and with the one-sided nearly filibuster-proof majorities in both chambers of Congress are willing to pass this appalling bill that continues the fringe environmentalist agenda of this country that led to the demise of the United States automakers by imposing a policy that promotes the only two types of energy that the Administration wants in this country -- wind and solar.

A letter that I received from a group of fellow investors in SCANA referenced their attendance at the 2009 SCANA shareholders' meeting, where they learned a minimum of nearly 13 km/h (8 MPH) was required constantly for wind power to even be usable, and that is at the bare minimum. It makes you wonder in calmer places where we do not receive such wind gusts why such a mandate was imposed. You may have to place these wind farms near the freeway, where it could be a road hazard, but liberals have the microcar mandate that will negate any advantage caused by larger vehicles creating wind power.

Are we headed to creating a federal Enron energy policy with cap and trade?


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