Friday, July 24, 2009

Weekend Reflections

By Bobby Chang

Is this church? I've frequently taken shots at what has been called secularised "sacred" music, which its movement has been led by Sony, EMI, Warner, Kona, Oregon Catholic Press, and GIA. This from Flagstaff, Arizona, is a sad example of the secularised music that is used in churches today, and is gladly cheered by a younger generation which would ignore a Cunningham, Hanna, Cuttino, or Rattry in favour of what they witness on MTV today. The lack of theology and sound doctrine in these Life Enhancement Centres calling themselves "Community Churches" is concerning.

Choral Practice Laughs. Next Sunday and Tuesday I am participating in volunteer and student choir in a production of excerpts from Die Jahreszeiten. This is starting to be an exciting challenge, but an interesting sense of humour came out of a break. I said that in preparations, we had "three red lights" up (now four red lights are up), and two of the college girls said they only see green lights. I told them that traffic lights only have yellow and red lights, and there are no green lights. The traffic lights, I told them, came from the ING Magyar NagydĂ­j (Sunday, 3 PM EDT, Fox), and I have shown the traffic lights from that programme (a GIF animation).

Fox Tells Obama No. Fox has too much invested with Daniel Synder and two of his entities (Dick Clark Productions and the Washington Redskins) where they decided it wasn't worth it to air on the broadcast network the President's press conference to glorify his plan to socialise the health care system to promote rationing and restrictions and instead air live without interruption the next round of So You Think You Can Dance, a Dick Clark Productions programme. With the socialised medicine plans, could Caroline have had her surgery to repair her blown knee that quickly? And for Michelle (a college friend who needed surgery two years ago to remove a cancerous tumour growing in her spine), would she have had the surgery, or would they have let her die with a rare symptom? Glorifying this totalitarian Communist leader's plans to turn this nation into a Soviet-style system is wrong. Furthermore, I do not want my taxpayer money going to a socialised medicine that supports death, but not life. Supporting the killing of children through eugenics, "abortion," and other forms of population control with my money is abusive. Then supporting killing people they do not feel are in the best interest of living is the second strike. But the third strike is Oregon-style rules where they will not support medicine or treatments to cure a problem, but funding medicine to kill people shows the ultimate goal -- the Oath of Hippocrates is being violated, and mandating the violation of the Oath shows which side of the ball they lie -- on the side that violates the sanctity of human life, but it doesn't matter today since Sanctity of Human Life Day is no longer celebrated, and there is a plan by Washington to endure Mexico City Policy of Reagan will be permanently repealed by the Obama Policy of funding abortion by law.

DISCLAIMER: In the interest of full disclosure, Mr. Chang holds shares in health-care provider CVS Caremark, Inc.

Defence Bill Shenanigans. Putting a "hate crimes" bill in the Defence Authorisation Bill for this country is another plot by liberals who have used the bill that authorises funds for our military to weaken this country. Two years ago, the Pelosi Administration inserted a 40% minimum wage hike over two years that helped bring down this economy, and weaken it against Communist tinpot dictators and other nations. Now, knowing the "success" of this failure that affects 31 states -- most of them that opposed the President -- they want to impose their values by a "hate crimes" bill that would make speaking out for Biblical values and against sexual deviancy a crime. "Hate crimes" is a way to restrict speech by giving special rights to sexual deviants and punishing clergy and others (Carrie Prejean most notably) for speaking out against sin.

Bush Derangement Syndrome. Does anyone see another Bush Derangement Syndrome in the Sotomaior Confirmation Case? This is the judge who sided against the then-Texas Governor in 1995 and in favour of players to end the MLBPA strike. She ended the strike. Gov. Bush was then part of the Texas Rangers ownership group, and the owner's box was recently named in his honour at Ameriquest Field, which also alternates as the home of the Big XII (10 teams) Baseball Tournament. If, as expected, she puts everything on feelings, it would show how far we've fallen as feelings replace facts everywhere.

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