Tuesday, August 25, 2009


By Bobby Chang

A recent "Last Call" segment on Fox News Channel's On The Record with Greta van Susteren was put as a video on the Web site for the popular Fox News programme. That segment of her messing with her Cheesehead reminded me of a joke I had with my then voice teacher (not my current teacher). She admitted being from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan that she "came from a long line of Cheeseheads".

One admission she made to me was that as an academic quiz team participant for her high school, they went to New Orleans for the National Academic Championships. On the way from Michigan to New Orleans, she admitted to me, they traveled to Kiln, MS the hometown of a certain NFL legend, which is 115 miles from my (current) voice teacher's hometown of Laurel.

I cannot imagine in light of recent reports, what she would do today. But years ago, I had a joke (and made a hilarious photo alteration, but it wouldn't be apropos today) where that voice teacher and I both wore Cheeseheads. The video of Greta messing with her Cheesehead reminded me of the joke I had with that teacher about not wearing the helmet with horns in operas, but instead a soprano wearing a Cheesehead!

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