Friday, September 18, 2009

The Stupidity of the Gill Agenda

By Bobby Chang

The Tim Gill Agenda has just struck again in California. This time, Sony Pictures Television's The Newlywed Game 2009 (GSN, Carnie Wilson) will feature as a celebrity in a celebrity episode of the Chuck Barris classic (Sony owns the Barris library) a homosexual "married couple," as was permitted in California between May 2008 (when a court in California legalised it per request of Gavin "Any Twosom" Newsom, as referenced by radio talk show host Michael Weiner, Ph. D) and November 2008 (when it was banned by Proposition 8). What in the world have we come when this type of stupidity is allowed? It is more suitable for MTV's homosexual network than a game show.

Add that to proposals to push the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (a bill that the late Sen. Kennedy first proposed, and would likely now be called Kennedy Memorial), which would allow child molesters free reign in schools, and force churches and other organisations to hire child molesters, regardless of their hazards, or face litigation that favours the molester, the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act that would force the other states to recognise the false "marriages" pushed by the Gill Agenda (and the courts) -- this repeal has been silently endorsed by the Obama Administration, and Congressional rewriting of standards that would allow homosexual "couples" to be treated as if they were married for Washington employees, we are seeing the stupidity of this agenda. The next push may be to put same-sex "couples" as "married" for purposes of taxes and the socialised medicine agenda, since it's clear that sexual deviants have diseases related to their lifestyle that cannot be punished under proposed standards. Now that they've found ways to push through judges that rewrite marriage, and bully other legislators to follow the Spanish model, the scare is we have legislators on the Left fully built on creating a new country built on their standards that violate Leviticus 20:13, I Corinthians 6:9, and other verses in the Bible. In fact, these activists would love to see this country destroyed in the way Sodom was in Genesis 19.

Here we go again with stupidity.

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