Monday, October 12, 2009

The Demise of Columbus Day

By Bobby Chang

A few years ago, while reading about the fringe activity of the multiculturalist agenda, I learned that the celebration of one Cristóbal Colón and his group arriving in the New World five hundred seventeen years ago this day has been hijacked and ordered removed from calendars, similar to what is happening with Christmas, Easter, Abraham Lincoln's Birthday, and George Washington's Birthday (the last two removed by Congress in 1968), and other days of faith, and even days of American heroes.

When schools now degrade Columbus, Washington, Franklin, and heroes of both faith and the country, and instead promote Communist dictators, activist union leaders who fit a certain ethnicity group, activists promoting forms of deviancy who have died (and are remembered in a bill in Congress that would make them a protected class), what are we teaching our children? This is a continuation of the “multicultural” claptrap in schools that is designed to weaken this country and have a new generation believe in the heroes of liberal activists and ignore our Founding Fathers and other true heroes, such as Ronald Reagan, Douglas MacArthur, Norman Schwarzkoph, and David Petraeus, in favour of people that fit the liberal agenda such as Barbara Lee, Cindy Sheehan, Jeanette Rankin, Harvey Milk, and Matthew Shepard.

The demise of Columbus Day parades, Columbus Day holidays, and the lack of reverence in the Niña, Piñta, and Santa Maria are examples of what has gone wrong. Worse yet, we now have protests of racism and cruelty when talking about him, yet we celebrate Harvey Milk, and we never hear people discuss the type of activism he promoted that has given us absurdities such as Goodridge (the case in Massachusetts that led to courts using foreign laws to rewrite marriage to their own standards). I wonder if liberals will have us celebrate Harvey Milk and César Chávez Birthdays instead of Columbus Day and Christmas each year.

What type of country are we teaching to this generation, and has this allowed us to create a generation of extreme left-wing activists that helped elect the current President, where we glorify appeasers and those who want us dumbed down, while wiping off our map the Greatest Americans?

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