Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Turkey of a "Church"

By Bobby Chang

On a social networking site recently, a person wrote that she was attending the new "satellite church" service of a popular "non-denominational" megachurch that's 150 miles away and feeds its signal via satellite from that "church" (which is more of a life enhancement centre) to the building. When I read the information about this megachurch, I saw red lights appear almost immediately.

Earlier in the year, they had as "service music" (no joke here) a popular r&b hip-hop ditty that does not sound appropriate. In another service, this same church offered another silly pop ditty. To top this silliness, what about this tune? How many of these tunes are suitable in church?

And other "churches" have followed the bandwagon. This isn't suitable, sorry, you're headed to the Oval Office.

What has happened to sacred song? Is sacred song not "cool" or relevant to others anymore?

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