Sunday, January 24, 2010

South Carolina Right to Life Update

By Bobby Chang

I had the opportunity January 16 to march for my 13th time for the South Carolina Citizens for Life March and Rally, and unfortunately, we had a major incident take place. Near the end of the rally with Damon Owens of Joy-Filled Marriage speaking, a woman fell and was rushed to the ambulance, ending the rally at the State House. I received a statement about the woman and would like to share it.

Obviously, I didn't want to release anything about the march this year out of respect to her.


The lady who was injured at the Stand Up for Life Rally Saturday is recovering at her home in Bluffton (in Beaufort County Mainland before heading to Hilton Head). She is Ann Higgins, a member of St. Gregory the Great Catholic Church. Mrs. Higgins was attending the Stand Up for Life March and Rally in Columbia, S.C. Toward the end of the rally she was accidentally knocked down a number of stone steps at the State House.

A nearby group of Nurses for Life who had marched together earlier in the day, and a physician rushed to assist Mrs. Higgins until the ambulance arrived within 10 minutes. The rally speaker, Damon Owens, led 2,000 or more rally attendees in prayer for Mrs. Higgins.

On Monday Mrs. Higgins said she wished to thank all those who have prayed for her. “The hand of God was in this,” she said. “I didn’t have worse injuries. I didn’t receive injuries that are life threatening.” Mrs. Higgins said she received stitches for a scalp injury, but was not admitted to the hospital.

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