Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Telly What?

By Bobby Chang

The reports on the Idols series probably going away in the US after 2011 is virtually guaranteed, as Simon Cowell and Radio Television Luxembourg have agreed to sell Fox the popular The X Factor franchise Stateside then.

But what came off the UK Game Shows site for the next crazy game show concept had me amused. ITV, the network that gave us Millionaire, Idols, and The X Factor, now has a concept named "From Popstar to Operastar". The idea is eight pop stars will be tutored by Katherine Jenkins and Rolando Villazón in performing opera arias in front of judges and a studio audience. The public will vote to eliminate a singer, and the last man standing wins the contest. An Osmond (Jimmy) is in this contest. Wasn't Rolando Villazón the tenor who sang the Metropolitan Opera's production of of Lucia di Lammermoor with one of this blog's soprano that we often discuss, Анна Нетребко?

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