Friday, March 19, 2010

Calling the Oval Office

Bristol Motor Speedway has an odd custom that began at last year's signature Sharpie 500 (now Irwin Tools Night Race) in the modern-day Colosseum that if it was two millennia ago would be the site of combative events. In a form similar to college football or professional wrestling, the drivers are quarantined in the Turn 3 crossover gate and walk to a stage before reaching the bed of the truck to make their lap around the track. As they walk across the stage, each driver selects their own entrance music that plays as they introduce themselves. Last year, when the tradition began, Elliott Sadler had an introduction using Richard Strauss music and "professional wrestling" legend Richard Fleihr's (aka "Ric Flair") swagger. Personally, that's a song I have to stand when I hear it because it was the song that the orchestra played at my college graduation. Who needs half-dressed "grid girls" when the drivers can, for this introduction, be the anti-No Fun League, and "have at it" while choreographing their own introductions? Just imagine how Jensen Button could walk through the tunnel at Silverstone and pick any song to be introduced, what it would be.

For the Food City 500 (the spring race at Bristol on Fox; the late summer race on ESPN Broadcast has the Irwin Tools Night Race), some drivers have asked fans to pick their songs. We'll know Sunday what songs are chosen. Some drivers have made their announcements, as Brad Keselowski (who drives a Dodge that carries Formula One-type censorship) will chose "Won't Back Down," a reference to his squabble with Carl Edwards, (who is the bloke in the snow with his sponsor's mascot in their television commercials you see on mainstream television. who has chosen “Black Betty". Sadler has once again chosen "Einleitung" from Also sprach Zarathustra to be his entrance, although David Reutimann has chosen "The Game" from Motörhead, used as the theme of actor Paul Levesque, son-in-law of United States Senate candidate Linda McMahon (R-CT), who hopes to throw a double underhook facebuster to acquire Christopher Dodd's seat.

Speaking of which, Idols judge Kara DioGuiardi's father Joseph (R-NY), a former House of Representatives member from 1985-89, has tipped his hat into the election for the seat in the United States Senate with two-year term in New York. Ah, I can see Ellen and Kara fighting on Idols because the values of the father are clearly things that the craziest Idols judge would want (fortunately, I don't have time to watch this pop festival).

Some Catholic nuns are breaking from pro-life causes to support the monstrosity of ObamaCare that would make our taxpayer cash be used to fund baby murder. It's clear the liberal goal is to create eugenics and rationed health care, and I have explained simply what would happen with rationing, especially with the serious knee injury a close friend suffered last summer used to show what could happen. Worse now is the Slaughter "Deem and Pass" ideal and future legislative ideals the Pelosi-Slaughter unholy alliance is planning. At this rate, will they use "deem and pass" to force down more bad law? They are now planning to nationalise college student loans where political kickbacks could determine if a student can make it to college, and we could see more federal mandates where we would have a Lifetime Society of "men are bad" and they use schools to teach feminist teachings where their liberal agenda is pushed. We've seen what happened with the Blue Oval Kickback and we could see college students' finances determined by federal policy that would be determined to punish parochial schools. If a kid goes to school at a parochial school such as the one where a friend who is running for Lieutenant Governor in South Carolina is the Chairman of the Board, he could be punished for going to a school that does not fit within the principles of the Department of Education for learning math, science, and the classics instead of environmentalism, "diversity" works, appeasement, and the New Age. The goal is to create skulls full of mush who subscribe to liberal ideology so there will be few, if any, left to protect the values we hold dear as false "marriage", legalised baby murder with no exceptions, and a loss of the classics will be prevalent everywhere. We've seen it in churches as the youth are deep into the rock music with no respect for sacred standards.

My legislators (Wilson, L. Graham, DeMint) have all attempted to block this onerous legislation. But what good am I when I've become a crush car to the Pelosi "monster heel"?

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