Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lenin's Birthday Digest

Thursday, most of the nation will celebrate hideously under the “Earth Day 40” anniversary banner the 140th birthday of Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov aka Vladimir Llyich Lenin.

With this President's appetite for destruction of industry (see why GM and Chrysler were seizedd, as executives wanted trucks, and Obama wants the auto industry to make tiny “save the earth” cars), abolition of industry because of “global warming” (what a crock), no oil drilling permitted, no forest farming of trees permitted, Cap and Trade that would kill more industry, the glorification of the Service Employees International union at the expense of everyone else, and the “can't touch this” attitude where nothing is allowed except quiet to “save the earth” and destroy jobs, it has become “All Hail O Obama For Thee Brings Every Good,” an insult to Haydn, whose Die Jahreszeiten states from industry brings good, and industry is being attacked in Lenin's Birthday.

Capitalism Magazine: Philosophies of Lenin and “Earth Day”.

Front Page Magazine.

Examiner Magazine

Town Hall.

The Guardian.

CNS News: US must look at other nations' energy policies.

And don't forget that this is the 10th anniversary of Elián González's seizure by Janet Reno, Deval Patrick, and the Clinton Justice Department, deporting him to Cuba where instead of escaping Communism, the now-16 year old is a slave of “Dear Leader”, in ways that President Obama would envision all of America becoming. This Justice Department consists of many Clinton era staff, and they were responsible for this wrong-headed deporting in order to push for Communism for someone who wanted to escape. The “father” in this case actually was a cover for Castro, and liberal leaders have always supported Communism. Was it ironic that it was a Lenin's Birthday seizure to promote the facets of Communism? Nearly sixty years ago, Khruschev warned “We Will Bury You.” Now, Obama is letting Communism bury the United States.

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