Monday, April 19, 2010

Of deviancy, euthanasia, and taxes

Gospel” Music Week. As Gospel Music Week, fronted by the 41st Gospel Music Association Dove Awards, begins this week, news that a past New Artist of the Year admits a psychiatric disorder has riveted thousands of rock music fans across the nation where I was reminded events such as Lilith Fair (which she had performed a decade ago, and is slated to perform on the 2010 revival of the infamous tour) has infiltrated the Mainline and Emergent crowd when many Catholics and Protestants opposed it because of its promotion of that disorder, extreme feminism of what Rush Limbaugh calls the Feminazis, and the anti-life, pro-child killing lobby that participates in this “girl power” concert series, often selling extreme stickers promoting their worldview.

The utter irony is the GMA Dove Awards lost its coverage when rights holder Gospel Music Channel was changed as a result of a partnership between its owner Charles Humbard and that of American Life Network, now controlled by Robert A. Schuller, that flipped Gospel Music Channel from a “gospel music” channel to another television rerun channel similar to Mr. Schuller's other channels. Prior to the channel’s conversion into a rerun channel, they had offered live coverage of the awards show. But as I have learned in the Knoxville Affairs, once live coverage was eliminated, the entire planned rebroadcast days later makes it impossible to watch, as the drama is removed and replaced with a dog and pony show since everyone will have already seen the results.

Qualifying Cut Short. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway has cut Indianapolis 500 qualifying to two days this year, but they've adopted World Superbike-style Superpole on the first day. Only positions 10-24 will be set once first-day qualifying ends at 4 PM (two hours earlier). The top nine cars have their times wiped out and they participate in a Superpole-style session (two attempts possible) at 4:30 to determine the first three rows. Qualifying in all three rounds (Pole Day, Superpole, Second Day) will be set by the IRL oval system (four-lap average)

Taxes. The government is now thinking of cooking up a National Sales Tax to pay for massive spending. Aren't we Taxed Enough Already? New dividend taxes, new tax hikes, taxes on medicine, health, what is next?

Parents' Euthanasia on Children. Abortion on demand has created an affair where millions of children die at operating tables for “convenience”. We've lost the sanctity of human life, and the President keeps nominating fringe activists who want unlimited baby murders. Now parents are telling doctors to pull the plug on their children at their request . . . euthanasia for children. Is there any more sanctity of human life anymore when murder is now legal at all corners? At this case we may have to eliminate murder laws since taking people's lives would become legal at any time with the way courts are acting.

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