Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Obama's Lifetime mentality

A few years ago, I read Laura Ingraham's Power to the People, which makes a mention of the Disney/Hearst cable channel Lifetime, where she notes the channel's consistent “men are bad” theme is displayed in the telefilms shown on Lifetime-branded programming (sometimes I wonder if that will include, as NBC recently did with the Kentucky Oaks with Bravo, ESPN moving the WNBA, depleted without its winnngest “Bad Girls and the Bad Boys” franchise that has been moved to Oklahoma, to Lifetime, carrying the ESPN brand).

With the actions of President Obama on Supreme Court justices, I wonder if a “Lifetime Mentality” is coming in play. By the end of the term, we may see a majority of five liberal women, all Clinton or Obama appointees, where the Democrats already have four justices and could gain the majority hould something happen. What's more concerning is Elena Kagan, the President's nominee for the Supreme Court, who has actively wanted to push the sexual deviants' special-rights agenda with homosexuality mandatory in.

Let's see where the Men are Bad brand goes:
  • Men Are Bad: Don't allow young boys to participate in sports because too many boys are playing sports (Title IX)
  • Men Are Bad: If a woman has less experience and works fewer hours than a man in the same role, she gets equal, if not more, pay than he does.
  • Men Are Bad: Restrict Men from Attending Schools while not restricting women.
  • Men Are Bad: All-women's Schools are legal, but not all-men's schools. 
So what is next in the Lifetime Mentality of this nation?

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