Monday, May 24, 2010

Retro TV Week

You know, we haven't done nearly enough retro television around here lately, which is too bad considering it's one of the things I enjoy writing about the most. So what better way to rectify that than to devote an entire week to the simple pleasures of the box?

Remember the great cop show of the 60s and 70s, Hawaii Five-O, starring Jack Lord as the incorruptible Steve McGarrett?  (CBS has a remake in the works for this season, which I don't think is necessarily a good thing.)  Hawaii Five-O had one of the greatest and best-known themes of any television show, written by Morton Stevens.

Now, did you know there were actually words to the theme?  Yes, really.  I don't know if the lyrics were originally written to go with the theme (I kind of doubt it), but after hearing it you might understand why it was always done on the show as an instrumental.  So here it is, the theme to Hawaii Five-O, sung by none other than Sammy Davis, Jr. 

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  1. I read information on the H50 revival, and it's ironic that CBS is considering another television revival. Negotiations are in place to potentially fill a vacancy in daytime with a revival of Sony's Pyramid franchise that CBS had in the 1970's and 1980's, and also being considered is a Password revival -- CBS had the original version and a 2008 revival.

    Of course it doesn't hurt that both CBS daytime game shows are revivals of the originals.

    Checked the pilot's opening recently for H50 and they've paid homage to the original. Hopefully the theme song is re-recorded, however, for CSI meets H50. Many are saying it's just another CSI just with the Hawaii setting, so they paid homage to McGarrett & Co. Note the way McGarrett is introduced -- on top of that condo pays homage to the original. A modern 777 fits although if the show runs long then hopefully a 787 comes instead (I'm biased for my home-state aircraft!)


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