Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Special Classical Music Wednesday

Being a South Carolina graduate in the worst possible times, I must be relaxing as I wrote on this late night after the Gamecocks' victory over California-Los Angeles in the NCAA baseball championship.

We go back to 1983, and the late gridiron manager Joe Morrison (a former NFL running back whose #40 is retired by the G-Men) had just been hired by the Gamecocks to turn around a floundering programme that has never won a postseason game (it would be six years after his death before they would win one). One interesting custom that took place in 1983 during the era (while it was considered by predecessors), was the idea of playing "Einleitung" from Also Sprach Zarathustra, Op. 30 that, because of its success in the Morrison era, has been closely associated with that time. When I graduated from South Carolina, the orchestra played "Einleitung".

In honour of the Gamecocks' NCAA baseball championship, we offer the classic of Strauss. And yes, it is one of the major classical works that I have in my library that mandates standing to it! I find myself standing to this and also "Hallelujah" from Händel's Messiah (which I've sung). I've chosen a cello version as part of the victory celebration.

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