Monday, September 6, 2010

No, It's Not Labour Day (where it's been illegal since Ferko stripped Florence of its festivities)

Read James Allen's site ahead of the final round of the European season (and we still have Korea, Singapore, Japan, Brasil, and Abu Dhabi still on the schedule, can you believe it) in Monza for the Gran Premio Santander d'Italia next week, and along the same lines of my frustration over missing a game where the opening ceremony's national anthem and alma mater were performed by the Mississippi Squirrel, I thought of Jaws referencing you cannot beat yourself.

On the same lines, Sebastian Vettel, as Jaws would say, is beating himself. Here's James Allen on that fact.

NBC Universal has released the trailer for an upcoming F1 documentary that I hope will be released in the United States. It would be a tragic shame if it was not -- it is set for an 8 October release in Japan (coinciding with the Fuji Television Grand Prix). It's scheduled for a winter release in the UK, says Mr. Allen.
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