Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Weekend Digest

Here are some of the news highlights of the past weekend, starting with the Etihad Airways Grand Prix. What craziness there!

James Allen: Sebastian Vettel is World Champion after dominant win in Abu Dhabi.

And: How did Ferrari make that strategy mistake with Alonso?

BBC: Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel kept Formula One Title Belief.

On the News Front:

Carl Horowitz: American Aborigine Farmers Shake the Public Money Tree.

Wesley Pruden: Obama's grim pursuit of Muslim Romance..

Michelle Malkin: Carol Browner Must Resign.

Harriet Baber: Crystal Cathedral had its day: When religion is reduced to a collection of gimmicks, there is little to stop it falling victim to changing fashions (on Life Enhancement Centres):.
Ann Coulter: Repeal the 26th Amendment (Adults based on ObamaCare laws?):
Laura Ingraham: "Good Neighbour" China? Not so, says China's neighbours.

(And don't forget that Ford is letting Chinese automaker Geely develop their cars, and Obama cronies stole GM and gave a chunk of it to Shanghai Automotive as part of his "Blue Oval Kickback"; four Ford models in 2011 are built around one Geely sedan, while four others are built around two Mazda sedans, and Ford has just one in-house coupe and in-house truck.)
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